Sassy Fran

These earrings are definitely a new favorite. Neko Atsume, Japanese for Cat Collector, is a popular app game to make the crazy cat lady (or gentleman) virtual.

The game is focused around your virtual backyard. You get some cat toys, set out some food, and wait for the cats to come over. Yes, that’s essentially the premise to the game. Usually, the first cat to show up is Snowball, a solid white cat. 

However, which cats show up depends on the combination of cat toys, cat beds, and food. If you happen to get a cardboard cafe, then you’ll be blessed with the appearance of a unique cat named Sassy Fran. She’s a calico cat dressed in a maid’s outfit. And yes, her personality is sassy. 

I loved these earrings so much, I had to get another well-known cat, Tubbs. He’s a solid, white cat who is so completely fat, he looks like he swallowed a few cat toys. In fact, food remnants are seen on his fur. 

These earrings are both “sassy” and sweet, certain to serve up a smile among your fellow cat friends. To get your own, go to BringinCraftyBackCo’s page on Etsy. They sell more than just Sassy Fran and Tubbs!



Nuka-Cola: Fallout Deweller’s Delight

These traditional caps can be found on Etsy – radiation not included.

Nuka-Cola, produced by the Nuka-Cola Corporation, was considered to be the world’s most popular soft drink before the apocalypse and continues to be so today. Or at least in the Fallout video game series it is.

Nuka-Cola, according to the best-selling video game, was invented in the USA in 2044 and immediately took off due to its incredible flavor. By 2052, they released a new blue color which became instantly just as popular. By 2067, ice cold Nuka-Cola was found on virtually every street. (Sound familiar?)

It would then make sense for something so abundant to be used after the apocalypse. Most of it, however, tends to be flat, warm, and lacking of radiation. If you wanted radiation, there’s Nuka-Cola Quantum for that. Unfortunately they were released the same day the bombs dropped: October 23, 2077, so they are pretty rare. 

As a die-hard fan of the 1950’s Fallout Subculture and the video game series, these earrings were an absolute MUST for me.

While unfortunately, this is still 2016 and Nuka-Cola doesn’t exist, we do have some incredible crafters on Etsy that can make them look as though they were found in the wastelands. 

These particular gems I bought here. The link will take you to Etsy where crafter GeekyWeiss has made these beauties, along with the popular blue caps as well. While they cost $5 a pair excluding shandling fees, the caps are used as currency in the game and thus would likely cost more in the post-apocalyptic world. But they are definitely worth the price for our modern day currency.