Earrings… Naked Without Em

Are these pair of beauties the first thing you put on in the morning? Do you plan your wardrobe around your earrings? Do you feel naked if you aren’t wearing any? 

If so, I have good news for you. You’re just as sane as I am. (Maybe that’s not good, haha!) But what it means is you are addicted, obsessed and completely in love with earrings! Studs and dangles, shiny or simple, hoops and wacky homemade crafts… I love them all! 

Although the more unique the earrings, the more I love them! Craft fairs and Etsy have some incredible gems that support small businesses and local artists. That’s a win/win! I also love grabbing a pair on vacation that make a fun, unique souvenir that I know I will wear. They are conversation pieces, sparking interest of others and ice breakers. 

So rock those earrings! Love those ears! 


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