Earrings as Souvenirs

I think probably my favorite thing about earrings is that they make a uniquely fun, wearable souvenir that will last for decades. 

I always hate when I go somewhere and I just can’t find a good trinket to remember my trip by. Lots of individuals tell me that it should just be about the memories and not to just throw away money on items, but earrings are different. 

I look at them and I remember the fun times. Even more than looking at them, I wear them! Because, why not? Why get something that will collect dust when I could just as well flaunt my souvenirs, matching my shoes or other accessories?  

I have dozens of souvenir earrings that I absolutely love and am excited to share with everyone. 

The first set I want to share is these beauties I picked up at the Shoshone – Bannock Reservation in Idaho. They have a small tribal museum at Fort Hall that is worth the stop. Inside their gift shop they sell local beadwork, like the pair I nabbed. 

The purple, white and gray beaded hearts I purchased in Idaho.

Lakota Hoops

I’m usually not the “hoops” kind of earrings person – unless they are incredibly special and unique. But these are incredibly unique! 

Made by a friend and local Lakota artist, I purchased these beauties. Simple hoops with the Lakota glass beads. 

Unfortunately, I do not know if she’s selling more like this, but should you travel to the Great Plains, get some of this incredible artwork. It’s difficult to do (I’ve tried!) and Native American artwork varies in designs and patterns by tribe. You can really collect some fun, unique designs this way. 

Nuka-Cola: Fallout Deweller’s Delight

These traditional caps can be found on Etsy – radiation not included.

Nuka-Cola, produced by the Nuka-Cola Corporation, was considered to be the world’s most popular soft drink before the apocalypse and continues to be so today. Or at least in the Fallout video game series it is.

Nuka-Cola, according to the best-selling video game, was invented in the USA in 2044 and immediately took off due to its incredible flavor. By 2052, they released a new blue color which became instantly just as popular. By 2067, ice cold Nuka-Cola was found on virtually every street. (Sound familiar?)

It would then make sense for something so abundant to be used after the apocalypse. Most of it, however, tends to be flat, warm, and lacking of radiation. If you wanted radiation, there’s Nuka-Cola Quantum for that. Unfortunately they were released the same day the bombs dropped: October 23, 2077, so they are pretty rare. 

As a die-hard fan of the 1950’s Fallout Subculture and the video game series, these earrings were an absolute MUST for me.

While unfortunately, this is still 2016 and Nuka-Cola doesn’t exist, we do have some incredible crafters on Etsy that can make them look as though they were found in the wastelands. 

These particular gems I bought here. The link will take you to Etsy where crafter GeekyWeiss has made these beauties, along with the popular blue caps as well. While they cost $5 a pair excluding shandling fees, the caps are used as currency in the game and thus would likely cost more in the post-apocalyptic world. But they are definitely worth the price for our modern day currency. 

Earrings… Naked Without Em

Are these pair of beauties the first thing you put on in the morning? Do you plan your wardrobe around your earrings? Do you feel naked if you aren’t wearing any? 

If so, I have good news for you. You’re just as sane as I am. (Maybe that’s not good, haha!) But what it means is you are addicted, obsessed and completely in love with earrings! Studs and dangles, shiny or simple, hoops and wacky homemade crafts… I love them all! 

Although the more unique the earrings, the more I love them! Craft fairs and Etsy have some incredible gems that support small businesses and local artists. That’s a win/win! I also love grabbing a pair on vacation that make a fun, unique souvenir that I know I will wear. They are conversation pieces, sparking interest of others and ice breakers. 

So rock those earrings! Love those ears!